Sunday, January 11, 2015

Date Nights under $20

Spending alone time with your significant other is essential for maintaining a close and connected relationship.You need that time away from all of the hustle and bustle of life, to just unwind and reconnect with one another. Sometimes it can seem impossible to fit a date into the budget. At least that has been the case for my husband and I. In the past a date consisted of a dinner at a nice restaurant and or going out to the movies. These dates can get expensive fast, making them far and few in between.  I noticed a strain on our relationship, that we were slowly drifting apart. We were both so tired and worn, that we frequently bumping heads. That was when we both decided that things needed to change, that we had to start making some time for us. My husband and I started  to spend time more together in the evening. He is now my weight lifting and workout partner and we enjoy watching a few shows on the TV together before we go to bed. However, it is rare that we do not get interrupted by one of our little boy who is out of bed with some sort of nightly request. We also made date night a priority. I have included three different date ideas that my husband and I really enjoy, and we don't go over budget , in fact, we spend less than $20. 

Going out for Dessert instead of Dinner

One thing that Anthony and I really enjoy is to go out to a restaurant for dessert, instead of dinner. We will usually enjoy a healthy dinner at home with our children, then go out and treat ourselves to some delicious desert. There is something that is so romantic about staring into one another's eyes, while sharing a decadent slice of cheesecake. We usually just share one desert, however sometime we each get a dessert and share them with each other. I like that you still get the quite environment of going to a restaurant, without the long wait for your entree, and without spending and arm and a leg. I think this date is truly a wonderful little treat for two very busy and hard working parents. 

Playing at the Arcade or Bowling Night

My husband and I love to play at the arcade. We have a blast playing ski ball, air hockey, shooting hoops, and getting to save the world from invading aliens. In the past we have spent only $10 and we got to play for a solid hour. Another bonus, is if you earn tickets, you can bring home a small prize for the kiddos. We also really enjoy going to the bowling alley for a game or two. Both of these activities are great because you get to go have fun and laugh with one another and just really let loose. This is great opportunity to let your inner child shine through for an evening. 

Daytime Picnic or Moonlight Hike

To me there is nothing more romantic than walking hand in hand experiencing the beauty of nature together. I just love when we are able to pack a picnic and either go to the park or hike one of our favorite trails. My husband and I have done this both in the warmth of the day and during the calm tranquility of the night. If you want to add an even more romantic flare, you can pack some wine and tea light candles. This is one of my favorite and most intimate dates and it only costs the gas it takes to get there.

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